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New Release!! [Sk8rs ch00+ch01]

Hello everybody!

Limerent Void has been really silent, we know it and we’re trying to do something about it, but we need help. Before introducing our new release, I want to state that here in Limerent Void we’re just 3 people working on the projects on a sort of a steady pace. We need help, short and simple. We are lacking at least one translator for our seinen titles which are mainly Kamijo Atsushi‘s works and Chrono Crowd, besides we need some fast cleaners and editors who can work in all our future titles. They’re not difficult tasks, since I buy almot all digital (leveling is pretty basic for those) and it’s only cleaning and partly redrawing. Typesetters much appreciated too. I’ve managed to clean some of the projects, scripts are pilling up and noone that could take care of the typing… So please, all the positions are open, we need new blood in order to make this group work!! Sorry for the long and desperate cry for help but this is becoming a real problem now ;-;

Anyway now to the main subject of this release: S-K-8-R-S. YEEEH!
I’ve been wishing, yearning, dying to work with this manga for ages, and when I say ages, I mean AGEEES. First, we put it on SDS list, and then when LVS was created I put it here. If I’m honest, I’ve bought the volumes like when? 2 years ago? Wow.
I need to say that I adore Tojitsuki Hajime’s artwork, she’s been working mainly with BL, but this past time she moved onto shoujo and shounen/seinen (glad she did, because it’d be a waste of her potential to just stagnate herself in one genre or demography. Sk8rs is fresh, organic and pure bliss. Ok, I’m a big fan of the sport so yeah I can get carried away, but she portrays the ups and downs of becoming an amateur skater really well. I feel quite accomplished to bring this title to life and that wouldn’t have been possible without the unconditional and incredible support (and help with her superb translation skills) of Kokiden. I think I’ve turned her into a big fan of the series by now lol
Please give this title a chance and fill the box comments with all your opinions, I’d love to read what you think of the story. I’m already cleaning ch03 and 04 so those might come sooner than expected (I hope, or I’ll break, university is draining my vital energy). Extra thanks to Unagi-san and Katia for her help in this title!



SK8R’S – Chapter 01 & 02

Aka x Kuro

Associated Names: 赤×黒 | Red x Black
Author: Kamijo ATSUSHI
Genre: Sports, Drama, Seinen
Lenght: 2 volumes
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2000

Summary: Soon…


Associated Names: ジンギイ
Author: Kamijo ATSUSHI
Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Lenght: 3 volumes
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: None.
Year: 1984

Summary: Soon…


Associated Names: None
Author: Kamijo ATSUSHI
Genre: Seinen, Drama, Mystery
Lenght: 7 volumes
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Shogakukan
English Publisher: None.
Year: 1989

Summary: Despite the title this manga has nothing to do with sex, just young people rebelling against the world.
The manga is about the adventures of a girl, Kaho. In the first chapter she goes on holiday to Okinawa and starts following around Yuki, a car-stealing punk. (MU)

True Blue wa Kesshite Iro Asenai

Associated Names: トゥルー・ブルーは決して色あせない | True Blue Will Never Stain
Author: Tada Yumi
Genre: Josei, Drama, Mystery
Lenght: 1 volume
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Shodensha
English Publisher: None.
Year: 1995

Summary: Soon…


¡Necesitamos staff! Traductores de Japonés<Español e Ingles<Español, tipeadores, editores, limpiadores o diseñadores que puedan ayudar en el grupo a sacar nuestros proyectos, toda ayuda es bienvenida. Interesad@s enviar un correo a Puedes usar también el formulario de Reclutamiento. ¡Muchas gracias!


Hello everyone! We are in dire need of a Japanese<English translators for our future works, specially for Chrono Crowd. Also, a typesetter (experienced if possible) since we have a pile of scripts there waiting and a master editor that can work fast and effectively, we have volumes there just waiting but we lack people who can actually start cleaning them. Please, if you think you can fill some of the positions above, send us a msg at or You can also fill Recruitment form.


Hoshi no Tokei No Liddell new release! [vol1 pt1]

So after so long from our first release with Thanatos no Shisha we bring you one of our most beloved projects. It’s been now like 3 years since I first discovered this beautiful title by a friend. Back then I had no one to help me with it, but fortunately we have Ananda who’s an angel and liked Hoshi as much as I did. We received amazing help by Aya, one of our master editors. This is her first project and she’s very fond of it. Kat-Tea was the one helping us out with typesetting, is her first job so welcome her please!  Halalima was in charge of proofing and yep, she likes Hoshi a lot too. So we are extremely happy to see this released because it was there on our pending list for far too long, it was time for it to see the light of day.

Hoshi has a very intriguing plot, gorgeous art and a whole mistery around it. Make sure to take a look!

Also, we took a lot to make our second release because we only have one translator and two editors for Limerent Void. We need someone who’s good with Japanese and/or a few good editors to catch up with everything. We have more projects but we can’t announce them due to our lack of staff. Please consider to join us~!


Hoshi no Tokei no Liddell – v01 c01

Chrono Crowd

Associated Names: クロノ・クラウド
Author: Yuki IZUMI
Genre: Seinen, Historical, Fantasy, Adventure, Action.
Lenght: 2 volumes (ongoing)
Related Series: None.
Original Publisher: Kodansha
English Publisher: None.
Year: 2014

Summary: In the world where the power of sorcery rules, there was a legendary assassin who practiced “forbidden sorcery.”  That assassin was called Chronos. He ruled time, but was Chrono’s true purpose in carrying out the assassination requests made to him? In an earth that resembles our own, the great fantasy work of assassination sorcery now begins.

Ikazuchi Tooku Umi ga Naru

Associated Names:  いかづち遠く海が鳴る
Author: Arai NIBOSHIKO | 新井煮干し子 | AKA Noda AYAKO
Genre: Seinen | Josei (?)
Lenght: 1 volume (ongoing)
Related Series: None
Original Publisher: Shogakukan (Hibana)
English Publisher: None
Year: 2015

Summary: Coming soon…

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